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POINT “Da paintaz”, NoD Gallery, Prague 2003

Material: chipboard, acrylic paint

The construction principle of this object is “cross-sliding”, which is probably the easiest way to transform a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional object. The shape recalls a paper origami. It is one of my first three-dimensional pieces. I was still studying at the Academy then and I remember cutting the chipboard right in the hallway of the school because there wasn’t space anywhere and it was freezing cold outside. This is one of my best experiences from the studies at the Academy of Fine Arts. If you know the sound of the circular saw and the amount of wood dust it produces and covers everything around, you can hardly imagine that such an activity would be tolerated in the hallways of any institution. Except Prague’s Academy of Fine Arts. Nobody said a word to me for the whole time. That's what I call respect for artistic production