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POINT, De Dentro e De Fora, MASP, Sao Paulo 2011

Material: MDF boards, varnish

I had the honour to be invited to participate in the href="http://www.fecalface.com/SF/index.php/good-stuff/3493-de-dentro-e-de-fora-masp">De Dentro e De Fora exhibition in Sao Paulo which took place in the most prestigious museum in Brazil – MASP (Museum Arte de Sao Paulo). To start with, I have to say this was the best exhibition I ever took part in. Great organisers from the Chocque Cultural gallery, great artists, amazing space, excellent technical support, luxury crew area and super atmosphere through the entire event. The original plan was to expand into the surrounding streets. My sculpture was supposed to be in the area outside the museum. Despite all efforts they did not manage to get the necessary permissions in the end and the main exhibition had to stay indoors. (Actually, we did expand into the streets anyway, we do not really need permission for that:) The empty exhibition space of the gallery is dominated by a red staircase which looks like one part of my 3D object. It was just begging to be used as a structural element. I could not imagine how to make such a large sculpture because it would have been size of a house. I dreaded the idea, it hindered my imagination and the designs were not good enough. Haroldo (the exhibition architect) supported my idea and urged me to overcome my fear of using a big scale, which was reassuring. And he was right. This was the first time in my life I designed the whole thing with an architect using a computer and had it made by the museum’s carpenter crew. This generous project, which could only be realised thanks to such full support, filled the entire hall of the gallery, creating both space for paintings on the walls and smaller objects.

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