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CAKES, Leopoldinha, Rio De Janeiro 2011

I know there are many cases when writers were given a whole train to paint on, especially in Brazil, where this happened several times. It was the first time for me then.
There was a Back 2 Black music festival in the disused Leopoldinha station featuring Prince as the main star, though he did not come in the end. As part of the events accompanying the festival the organisers asked Os Gemeos to set up the scene and were also given an entire train which had been brought to one of the platforms. By coincidence I had met Gems at a party in Santa Theresa and they invited me to do a board on the following day, since there were still two carriages unfinished on one side and a lot of paint. So it happened that I legally painted a train, for the first time in my life. To make the most of it, I put on headphones and played some tunes. Just as I finished the fill in, one of the guys showed up and scared the wits out of me when he tapped me on the shoulder and told me to interrupt the work. I asked all frightened, what’s going on and he went: “lunch is ready in the station, let’s go!” So we had lunch and a coffee and finished the boards afterwards. We even made a few more on top, just in case there weren’t enough. People think that painting on trains is exciting because it’s forbidden. That’s not true. It‘s exciting because it is like painting on a steel wall which moves and when it disappears there is always a chance it will show up somewhere else later!