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CAKES, Prague 2011

This was a miracle. Totally whacky. Painting in a broad day at such a place in Prague is beyond imagination. To give a full picture I should add the building opposite across the street is the InterContinental hotel and on the level of this roof is a luxurious restaurant “Zlata Praha” which was open and running when it happened. How to tell the story in short?
Perhaps, for the sake of all concerned, I should not tell it at all. Well, it was the kind of situation when someone with no competence whatsoever tells you that everything has been arranged with the responsible person and you take it for granted and believe it because that’s what you want. At the same time, deep inside, you know full well that it cannot really be possible but you still do it because such an opportunity comes once in a life time, which is how I managed to calm down the waiters in the InterContinental, gesticulating at them across the street from a 10 meter distance that everything has been agreed and permitted. After nearly two hours of painting and taking photographs, Alzbeta Jungrova and I fled via a staircase, escaping a beating from the security guards by millimetres. The building is empty and locked up and it would occasionally be rented for one-off events. Which is why nobody called the police, as the organiser of the event that was just taking place there would have been held responsible. Locally, it was a total screw-up but they managed to cover it up and two days later there wasn’t anything but a white spot on the wall.
It was an irony of fate to be indirectly confronted with the architect of this building a year later, during an unsuccessful attempt to paint a bridge that eventually did not happen, because of his disapproval. Which makes the score for the writer versus the architect 1:1)).