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COSA Nostra, Metropolis exhibition, EXPO Shanghai 2010

This is definitely the most expensive project I ever made. The Metropolis exhibition was a part of an accompanying program in the Czech pavilion at the Expo. My object was a result of a compromise which all of the participants had to make to create a consistent installation. The other artists were: Cryptic, Masker, Pasta, Tron and Skarf. Casa Nostra was my vision of a sprawling city, a sort of interlinking octopus. Although it is usual to lay the foundations first when building a house, this must always be preceded by a global concept, which is born when sitting at the table behind a window of an already completed house. The red tentacles represent ideas, acting like offshoots of a plant which wants to set up root next door. I was really glad the tubes were lit up and we achieved a nice effect, with the light passing from the biggest house to the smallest. In fact, I owe this one to my granddad. I had already resigned myself, accepting the fact that it would be impossible to make an illuminated conical tube with my means and rejecting this idea at the outset. I was showing my project to my granddad and explaining the concept. Having listened to me he remarked: "Well, I think it will be incomplete without the tubes being illuminated. Try thinking about it a bit more." If you can’t even explain to a ninety year old that it can’t be made, there is no other choice but to make it.